08.09.17 : Pupy y Los Que Son Son – Cuentame Todo

Good day dear readers, listeners and blog followers!

Everybody has their own story to tell, and Timba bands are no exception, especially such major and influential veterans such as the author of today’s featured composition – a wonderful Timba by non other that Cesar “pupy” Pedroso.

Today’s composition is “Cuentame Todo”, and (as one can see above) is from the wonderful (Timba, as yet can be seen…) 2005 album “Mi Timba Cerra”, which truly stands up to its name!

The song features the usual driving, rolling, groove the band always has, wonderful piano riffs and some great trumpet solos together with powerful vocals, all mixed and spiced up at a BPM at the higher 90s, perfect for social dancing.

With such compositions as the title track, La Bala de Billy, De la Timba a Pogolotti, La Borrachera and the track featured today, the album is considered to be one of the bands best, and among the best albums of 2005.

So, here it is, a true Timba success story…
So, do you have a Cuban music \ social dancing story tell?
Feel free to comment and share!

By the way, a composition which goes by same name, which came out at roughly the same time yet by a different, no less talented, Timba persona grata, has already been featured here at the blog some time ago, so you can listen to that as well 🙂

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